Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Next?

"In choosing careers, young people look for signals from society, and Wall Street will no longer pull the talent that it did for so many years," said Richard Freeman, director of the labor studies program at the National Bureau of Economic Research. "We have a great experiment before us."

What will the new map of talent flow look like? It’s early, but based on graduate school applications this spring, enrollment in undergraduate courses, preliminary job-placement results at schools, and the anecdotal accounts of students and professors, a new pattern of occupational choice seems to be emerging. Public service, government, the sciences and even teaching look to be winners, while fewer shiny, young minds are embarking on careers in finance and business consulting.
From the NYT. So what will the BLS Occupational Handbook look like after its next revision? In the 2008-09 edition, "Personal Financial Advisor" was projected as the 6th fastest growing occupation, in terms of percentage growth. "Financial Analyst" took the 12th spot. Will policy or budget analyst for the U.S. Government supplant either of these in the next edition?

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