Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Create Your Own Economy

I'm usually good about keeping up with Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok's economics blog, but in recent days they've made some changes and I notice that Tyler is now linking to his new book, Create Your Own Economy. Here is info from the publisher, and here is the Amazon page, which says it is shipping in July. Have I missed any announcements of it? I searched through the archives but there does not seem to be any other news about it. Such suspense!

Incidentally, when is the best time to start marketing your book? At a little over two months away, is it too early now? Is the book cover on his site just a teaser to gain interest - apparently that has worked - with more details to come? After all the case studies and all the courses, what do we really know about marketing?

Update: Jason Kottke picked up on this as well (ahem, a day later) so I imagine we'll get a few more details out of Tyler, who is a loyal and regular reader of Kottke.org.

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