Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Issue of Innovations Journal

The Winter 2009 issue was released today. It is focused on "Mobilizing Markets." You'll find it here, and several articles are online for free.

The Table of Contents: Mobilizing Markets

Lead Essays
  • Prerequisite to Prosperity: Why Africa's Future Depends on Better Governance, by Mohamed (Mo) Ibrahim
  • Harnessing the Mobile Revolution, by Thomas Kalil
  • Phone vs. Laptop: Which Is a More Effective Tool for Development?, by Iqbal Quadir and Nicholas Negroponte
Cases Authored by Innovators
  • Connecting a Nation: Roshan Brings Communications Services to Afghanistan, by Karim Khoja
  • From Operations to Applications: Advancing Innovation in Mobile Services (Innovations Case Discussion: Roshan), by Al Hammond, Loretta Michaels
  • CellBazaar: A Market in Your Pocket, by Kamal Quadir, Naeem Mohaiemen
  • Can CellBazaar Survive without an Urban Market—and Fulfill Its Development Potential? (Innovations Case Discussion: CellBazaar), by Kim Wilson
  • Mobilizing Money through Enabling Regulation, by David Porteous
  • Blurring Livelihoods and Lives: The Social Uses of Mobile Phones and Socioeconomic Development, by Jonathan Donner
  • The Case for mHealth in Developing Countries, by Patricia N. Mechael
Perspectives on Policy
  • A Doctor in Your Pocket: Health Hotlines in Developing Countries, by Gautam Ivatury, Jesse Moore, Alison Bloch
  • Large Companies, ICTs, and Economic Opportunity, by William J. Kramer, Beth Jenkins, Rob Katz

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