Saturday, December 6, 2008

Life Entrepreneurship

CHRISSY CARTER, a former equities sales trader, has many traits of a successful entrepreneur. With a mind she calls “a giant calendar,” the 30-year-old from Jersey City plans ahead, keeps appointments and puts in long hours on marketing plans and e-mail lists. She promotes her enterprise through newsletters and a Web site.

Ms. Carter’s business? She’s a yoga instructor.

Like others who have traded life as “a suit” for life in a track suit (or its breathable yogic equivalent), Ms. Carter finds herself using skills she learned in the corporate world. And, like others, she knows the change can require a pay cut. Her annual income fell to about $20,000 from six figures when she started teaching full time in 2004. While business has “grown tremendously” since, Ms. Carter said, it will never match her finance-industry earnings.

Link. This spirit, dedication, and love is what will get us through our current problems. Read the whole thing, entrepreneurship is not only about high technology.

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