Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Been Thinking About a Startup?

Jason Cohen, guestblogging at GetEntrepreneurial, offers up six reasons why it makes sense to start a company in this current economy. The first is the flipside of my last post and something that any economist would love: low opportunity costs! Jason writes:
Most companies aren't hiring; many are laying off. Salaries are low, bonuses are suspended, stock options are as worthless as a vote for Pat Buchanan.

So if the alternative is working for low pay without job security, why not work for yourself and build your startup? You'll be investing your time and energy into something with more potential upside in future. If you're talented and have always toyed with the idea of a startup, financially it makes sense to do it now.

You can see more of Jason's posts at asmartbear.

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