Friday, September 4, 2009

Thank God it's Thursday (TGIT)

Last year Utah became the first state to mandate a four day, 40 hour work week for most of its government employees. Time magazine addresses a number of benefits from lower energy costs for both the state and its employees to much higher job satisfaction. A few other benefits:
The advantages of a so-called 4-10 schedule are clear: less commuting, lower utility bills. But there have been unexpected benefits as well, even for people who aren't state employees. By staying open for more hours most days of the week, Utah's government offices have become accessible to people who in the past had to miss work to get there in time. With the new 4-10 policy, lines at the department of motor vehicles actually got shorter. Plus, fears that working 10-hour days would lead to burnout turned out to be unfounded — Wadsworth says workers took fewer sick days and reported exercising more on Fridays. "This can really make a difference for work-life balance," says Jeff Herring, Utah's executive director for human resources.

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