Monday, February 2, 2009

Following After Hollywood

The military has been doing its best to create killer robots and ensure that we finally reach Judgement Day, ala The Terminator. Now it seems the music industry is also following Hollywood's lead. This time the inspiration comes from the Stallone classic Demolition Man. In this epic film, the future has gone terribly wrong. The finest restaurants are owned by Taco Bell and all of the music is old commercials. Taco Bell may not be moving upstream, but music is moving in this direction.

As an example, via Springwise comes news that British beat duo Groove Armada is ditching Sony BMG and signing with Bacardi. Yeah, the alcohol company. The first song they're releasing is Bacardi B-live. Will other musicians follow suit? Will authors be obliged to name their songs after their financial benefactors? It will be interesting to watch how this new agreement affects other bands. Are we looking at a vibrant new business model or are we going to be subjected to a constant stream of product placements?

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