Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lifestreaming with Apple

Many people had grand hopes for today's MacWorld and the general consensus is that the event was kind of a downer. But it was actually a pretty good day for mac users. The new iWeb in particular has a number of notable new features. For example, if you link your iWeb site, which can be hosted by Apple or any other hosting company, to your Facebook account, anytime you update your site Facebook will let your friends know. There is now compatibility with Flickr and there are plenty of other widgets to customize your site.

With built-in compatibility with the other Apple applications, like iPhoto, iWeb is quickly allowing your website to become an aggregator for all your web content. However, it is not yet a full lifestreaming application and Apple could really capitalize on the increasing demand for these products by moving more aggressively into this space. Apple currently charges $99 for its MobileMe service, and I think that marketing it as a true lifestreaming service would convert a lot of Windows users who are looking for a simple and elegant program to organize their digital lives. Friendfeed beware.

For more background on lifestreaming, ReadWriteWeb recently wrote about 35 Ways to Stream Your Life and earlier published a primer on lifestreaming.

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