Friday, January 2, 2009

Innovative Media

From back in May, 2008 (NewsPaperDeathWatch):

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on how startup 8020 Publishing is producing two beautiful magazines consisting almost entirely of reader-contributed content. Everywhere is a travel magazine and JPG is for photo enthusiasts. People vote on the work that others submit and the best stuff goes into print. Photographers get a check for $100 and a year’s subscription. Big money apparently isn’t needed: the contents of the April/May issue of JPG was culled from photos uploaded by 16,278 submitters.

And fast forward back to today (WSJ):
An expected shakeout of the magazine industry this year began Friday when 8020 Media, the publisher of a pair of titles filled with contributions from readers, said it was closing for lack of funds.
This model is not dead, but it will be a while before anyone launches another print publication.

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