Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Few Interesting Notes on Economists

I don't like lists much, that said, here goes.
  • The Economist has a profile of eight up-and-coming economists. Most should be household names at this point, but it's worth flipping through, especially for sentences like this: "Economics is now defined neither by its subject matter nor by its method." (HT).

  • The RTE team at the WSJ has a good post about Raguram Rajan and a paper he presented at the 2005 Jackson Hole Conference, an important meeting for macroeconomists and central bankers. Rajan warned about the problems that now plague our economy, but was mostly ignored at the time. Paul Krugman weighs in as well.

  • Felix Salmon chronicles the ongoing dispute between Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Nobel laureate Robert Merton over the value of portfolio theory in modern finance.

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