Sunday, August 22, 2010

Essays on Entrepreneurship in Honor of William Baumol

In 2006 the American Economic Association arranged three special sessions in Baumol's honor. Since his name just came up in a previous post, I thought this would be worth highlighting again.

William Baumol Special Session on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth I: Theoretical Approach

Presiding: ROBERT LITAN, Kauffman Foundation

WILLIAM BAUMOL, New York University—Entrepreneurship and Invention: Toward Their Microeconomic Value Theory

EDWARD LAZEAR, Stanford University—Leadership and Entrepreneurs: Where They Produce the Most Value

EDMUND PHELPS, Columbia University—Further Steps to a Theory of Innovation and Growth—On the Path Begun by Knight, Hayek and Polanyí

CARL SCHRAMM, Kauffman Foundation—Entrepreneurial Capitalism and the End of Bureaucracy: Reforming the Mutual Dialogue of Risk Aversion

William Baumol Special Session on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth II: Empirical Approach

Presiding: YING LOWREY, U.S. Small Business Administration

DAVID AUDRETSCH and MAX KEILBACH, Max Planck Institute of Economics—Entrepreneurship Capital -- Determinants and Impact on Regional Economic Performance

YING LOWREY, U.S. Small Business Administration—An Examination of Entrepreneurial Effort

STEVEN KAPLAN, BERK SENSOY, and PER STROMBERG, University of Chicago—What Are Firms? Evolution from Birth to Public Companies

PAUL GOMERS, ANNA KOVNER, JOSHUA LERNER, and DAVID SCHARFSTEIN, Harvard University—Venture Capital Investment Cycles: The Impact of Public Markets

William Baumol Special Session on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth III: International Approach

Presiding: LEORA KLAPPER, World Bank

SIMON PARKER, Durham University—New Agendas in the Economics of Entrepreneurship: Optimism,Education, Wealth and Entrepreneurship

SAUL ESTRIN, London School of Economics, and RUTA AIDIS, University College London —Weak Institutions, Weak Ties and Low Levels of Productive Entrepreneurship in Russia: An Exploration

JINGLIAN WU, Development Research Center of Chinese State Council, and SHAOQING HUANG, China Europe International Business School—The Entrepreneurship and Institutions: A Perspective to Interpret China's Economic Growth in Its Transformation

SIMEON DJANKOV, World Bank, YINGYI QIAN, University of California, Berkeley, GÉRARD ROLAND, University of California, Berkeley, and EKATERINA ZHURAVSKAYA, CEFIR—Entrepreneurship in Development: First Results from China and Russia


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