Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Matters: Innovation

McKinsey's What Matters features several important thinkers discussing innovation policy in a global economy. A few highlights: Robert Atkinson (ITIF) , and Iqbal Quadir (from MIT's Legatum Center; and co-editor, Innovations Journal), debate whether innovation is moving to China and India in the 21st century (McKinsey). On a related note, see the NYT for a discussion of China's increasing emphasis on renewable and green technologies, complete with its own de facto "Buy-America" provisions.

McKinsey's Jonathan Bays and Paul Jansen describe the increasing use of prizes, and Peter Diamandis, founder of the X PRIZE Foundation, discusses the same subject in a podcast. Richard Florida has two short articles that are adapted from Who's Your City (I think because the paperback was recently released). The first looks at knowledge and cities (Talentopolis). Interested readers should also look at two short pieces by Ed Glaeser (City Journal) and Luigi Zingales for a good perspective on these issues as they relate to New York City(City Journal). Florida's second short article revisits his Bohemian-Gay index as it relates to housing prices. Finally, there is a rich archive full of additional resources, so if you haven't spent any time on the What Matters site, do check it out.

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