Thursday, July 9, 2009

Assorted Links

A few ideas I wish I had more time to discuss:
  1. Who is The Small Business Majority? (NYT).
  2. David Altig, from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta writes a good post titled: "Markets work, even when they don’t." Or as the GMU Economists might say, "Markets fail, let's use markets." The article is a response to a Vanity Fair article by Joe Stiglitz.
  3. Free is now free, in more than one form.
  4. Taxes: (a) Who Pays No Income Tax? (b) is this a win for small business and entrepreneurs?
  5. New Directions for SSRN? (Organizations and Markets)
  6. Understanding the "common good" (The Entrepreneurial Mind)
  7. Campus Entrepreneurs create new guitar company (Coil Guitars): An engineering professor became inspired after buying a new electric guitar that didn't perform as well as he expected. So he ended up teaching an engineering class on guitars: ENEE 159b: Electric Guitar Design, and with some students, and funding from the University of Maryland formed a new enterprise through the school's startup lab. You can now buy their guitars online. Also note that money from the company is now going back to the university to support research, part of the philanthropic cycle Zoltan Acs talks about.

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