Thursday, April 22, 2010

Searching for Entrepreneurial Solutions

“The people who make all these decisions don’t live like the way I do,” Mr. Mann added, echoing other uninsured people in his income group. “They don’t live like the rest of us.”

From the NYT. This was in reference to the new health care bill, but it immediately reminded me of the Millenium Villages and a professor in New York. From Owen's blog:

O&G: What is it like being a Millennium Village?
Shopkeeper: Very good. We have lots of things.
O&G: Does everything work well?
Shopkeeper: No, not all of it. But we are much better off now.
O&G: Who decides what to change? Do you have a village council, or is there an Elder who decides?
Shopkeeper: It is all decided by a Professor in New York.
O&G: Really? Do you know his name?
Shopkeeper: No. But he is a very famous man

And obviously we can extend this line of reasoning into many different policy areas. It's good there are people out there making the case for entrepreneurs.

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