Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Assorted Links

  1. The NYT considers one proposal to give firms tax breaks if they hire new workers. Greg Mankiw's take seems to make the most sense, but also read Mark Thoma if you want to read someone who's in favor of the proposal.
  2. A great couple of sentences from Tim Kane (growthology): "And isn't a bigger deal whether we continue to mix the war on drugs with the war on terror? My guess is that we can win one of those wars, or lose both."
  3. A few more great sentences, this time from the ImmigrationProfBlog: "[A]ll six Nobel Prize winners announced so far this week are U.S. citizens. Here's something else you should know: Four of those winners were born outside the U.S. We should be particularly proud that these people did not go to Russia or Germany, but came here."
  4. Zoltan Acs on the Global Entrepreneurship Index.
  5. The Boston Globe profiles Iqbal Quadir, the founder of Grameenphone, Director of the Legatum Center at MIT, and co-editor of Innovations (via @auerswald).

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