Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recent NBER Research

The most recent issue of the NBER Reporter was just released and has a wealth of information and great summaries of recent work. Readers of this blog might be interested in two sections of the Reporter that list papers presented at recent conferences and meetings . Each page has a summary of the papers that were presented or discussed. Some that readers of this blog might find interesting:

Innovation Policy and the Economy: The NBER’s tenth annual Conference on Innovation Policy and the Economy took place in Washington on April 14. The conference was organized by NBER Research Associates Adam B. Jaffe of Brandeis University, Joshua Lerner of Harvard University, and Scott Stern of Northwestern University.

Cities and Entrepreneurship: An NBER Conference on Cities and Entrepreneurship, organized by Edward L. Glaeser, NBER and Harvard University, Stuart Rosenthal of Syracuse University, and William Strange of the University of Toronto, took place in Cambridge on May 1 and 2.

Program on Technological Progress and Productivity Measurement: The NBER’s Program on Technological Progress and Productivity Measurement met in Cambridge on March 20. Ernst R. Berndt, NBER and MIT, and Christopher R. Knittel, NBER and University of California, Davis, organized the meeting.

Education Program Meeting
: NBER’s Program on Education met in Cambridge on April 30. Program Director Caroline M. Hoxby of Stanford University organized the meeting.

Higher Education: The NBER’s Working Group on Higher Education met in Cambridge on May 1. Director Charles T. Clotfelter of Duke University organized the meeting.

The full list of conferences and the full list of meetings. There is much more to explore and far too little time.

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